Winter has Wonder Lake roads bouncing your shocks, struts and suspension

If the roads here in the Wonder Lake area were always perfectly smooth, your shocks, struts and suspension might last indefinitely. Of course, if roads were always that smooth, you might not need shocks and struts to begin with. But, the roads are far from perfectly smooth, all the more so after winter has cast its spell in the area.

Shocks and struts should last about 100,000 miles. The operative word is ‘should.’ The reality of the roads in the Wonder Lake area is that they’re far from perfect, especially with the kinds of winters we have in the region. That means your shocks and struts probably won’t last as long as they would have lasted. It also means your car’s suspension has taken a beating.

The problem with shocks, struts and suspension parts is that, when there is a problem it’s often contagious. Your shocks or struts are worn and they put additional strain on your other suspension parts. Or, your suspension has a damaged or worn part and it puts additional strain on your shocks, struts and other suspension parts.

The contagious nature of suspension problems means that you don’t want to drive too long or too far with worn shocks struts or suspension parts. Since the roads in the Wonder Lake area are generally at the worst right about now, as the road crews appear to fill the potholes, this is a good time to check your shocks, struts and suspension.

In terms of checking your shocks and struts, it’s pretty easy and you can probably do it yourself. Simply stand by one corner of the vehicle and press down on the fender or quarter panel several inches. Then, suddenly release and watch how the car reacts. If it jumps up and bounces up and down a bit, your probably need a new set of shocks and/or struts. If it moves smoothly back to its original position and doesn’t bounce much at all, your shocks and/or struts are probably still good.

To check your suspension you’ll need the assistance of a qualified auto repair technician. They’ll get the car up on the lift and look over the suspension parts.

Regardless of how the shocks, struts or suspension looks, this is an excellent time of year to have an alignment. There’s not much point in having your alignment checked as, once the car is hooked up to the aligning equipment, you might as well have the alignment done. An annual alignment is not a bad idea and, once again, here in the Wonder Lake area, just after winter is a good time for an alignment.

The point is that you don’t want to let bad shocks, struts or suspension parts go too long. A problem with one part will put a strain on other parts. You may start with bad shocks or struts and, before long, discover you also need new suspension parts. You’ll save money in the long run if you replace worn shocks, struts or suspension parts on your vehicle in Wonder Lake now.