Shocks, struts and suspension take a winter beating for Spring Grove drivers

Maybe you’re one of those people in the Spring Grove area who just love winter – skating, skiing, snowmobiling. Then again, maybe your one who just can’t wait for winter to end. In either case, whether you like winter or not, it certainly doesn’t like your car’s shocks, struts or suspension. Your shocks, struts and suspension find winter downright abusive.

Winter is to roads in and around Spring Grove what a meteor shower is to the surface of a barren planet; the season leaves the roads pockmarked and beaten. And, what it does to the roads the roads do to your car’s shocks, struts and suspension. All those cracks and potholes in the pavement around Spring Grove have a tendency to knock the stuffing out of your car’s shocks, struts and suspension.

With the passing of winter, we’ll soon see road crews in the Spring Grove area fixing the potholes and cracks. In other words, the roads are always at their worst around this time of year. As the roads are repaired, it only makes sense to put your cars suspension back in top-flight condition. You can start by checking your shocks and struts.

To check your shocks and struts, push down on one corner of your vehicle and then, suddenly, let go. If the car jumps back up and bounces a bit, your shocks or struts probably have outlived their value. If the car moves smoothly back to its original position and pretty much stops there, your shocks and struts are probably in good enough shape yet.

You’ll want to bring your vehicle in to a trusted auto repair shop to have the suspension checked. This includes looking at the suspension parts for abnormal or excessive wear. It can, and should, also mean having an alignment.

An annual alignment is not a bad idea. Those potholes are almost sure to knock your car’s suspension out of alignment. A poorly aligned car will wear your tires unevenly and will affect the vehicles handling and steering.

In terms of your shocks, struts and suspension parts, worn parts will do more than just cause exceptional wear to your tires; worn shocks, struts or suspension parts will spread to your shocks, struts or suspension parts. When your shocks, struts or suspension parts are worn they put additional strain on your entire suspension.

It’s a good idea, therefore, to catch worn shocks, struts or suspension parts early, before they can increase the cost of repair. And, in the Spring Grove area, it’s also a good idea to prepare for spring and summer driving and put the skates, skis and snowmobile away.