Has Bull Valley Road knocked your shocks, struts and suspension for a loop in McHenry area?

Have you taken a drive down Bull Valley Road lately? Especially when you leave McHenry and enter Bull Valley, the road is definitely the worse for the wear from this winter. Of course, there are other roads in the McHenry area that are bad, too.

Whatever roads you drive frequently, or even the roads you rarely travel, if your car is bouncing from one pothole to another, you may want to take a few minutes to check your shocks and struts. For that matter, your suspension, starting with your car’s alignment, may have twisted out of whack, as well.

Winter in the McHenry area has a way of doing bad things to a car’s suspension. Shocks and struts will generally last about 100,000 miles. In this area, the winter-beaten roads have a tendency to shave miles off of that figure.

To check your shocks or struts, you should hold down on a corner of the vehicle and then release suddenly. If the car jumps back up and bounces up and down a bit that’s a good sign your shocks and struts are in need of replacement. If the car returns smoothly to its original position and stays there, your shocks and struts are probably OK.

As for your suspension, you really need to have an expert take a look. A qualified auto repair technician will be able to tell you if you need new tierods or ball joints. As for the alignment, the best way to check the alignment is to have an alignment done to the car.