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Have you accessorized your McHenry car?

McHenry car accessories
Some of these accessories may not be
what you have in mind for your McHenry
car. But, there are a lot of ways you
can accessorize your car.
How much time do you spend in your car? If you’re like most of us, you probably spend quite a bit of time in your car. In fact, one study suggests that the average American spends 293 hours driving each year. For someone who drives for 50 years, that works out to more than 610 hours.

You wouldn’t spend all that time driving without adjusting your seat in the car or adjusting the mirrors. But, as long as your making appropriate adjustments to facilitate safe and comfortable operation of the vehicle, have you done everything you can to accessorize your car to fit your needs.

The number of options available to accessorize your driving experience is almost endless. Some of the options assist in the safe and efficient operation of your car. For instance:

  • A dash video recorder, which might just come in handy if you have an accident
  • An over-sized rearview mirror
  • Stick-on blind-spot mirrors for your side mirrors
  • Spray to help water bead off the windshield and improve your vision
  • Restoration kits to increase the brightness of your headlights
  • More …

Then there are accessories that help you to organize or improve your comfort while driving, such as:

  • Sticky mats that keep coins, your cell phone, and other items from slipping off the dashboard while you drive
  • Air fresheners
  • Gelled seat cushions
  • Headrest cushions
  • Better floor mats
  • Hands-free cell-phone holders

There are also accessories to help safely maintain your vehicle or to help in an emergency, including:

  • Digital tire gauges
  • Emergency road kits with jumper cables, first-aid kit, road flares, etc.
  • Canned flat tire repair and sealer
  • Hammers to break a window if the car goes in the water
  • Seatbelt cutters

Of course, this is hardly a comprehensive list. The point is that you can accessorize your car and some of these accessories are darn good ideas.

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