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Don’t spoil that Blackhawks game with a dead battery this winter

battery is dead after Blackhawks game
This is not the way to finish your night after watching the
Blackhawks win a game at the United Center. Make sure
your battery is ready for winter and it won't let you down
Imagine you’re a Blackhawks fan and you’ve scored a couple tickets to a Hawk’s game this coming January. As it happens, this day in January is bitterly cold – so cold you contemplate not going to the game. But, your love of the Blackhawks is enough that you and your spouse brave the elements to drive from McHenry down to the United Center.

It’s a great game where the Hawks pull out a victory on a short-handed goal by Marian Hossa in the second period of OT. You’ve really enjoyed the game, even if you did spend the game in the nosebleed section.

Now, as you’re leaving, your spouse insists they have to get a T-shirt and you need to find a bathroom. By the time your spouse gives up on the T-shirt, and you finish in the bathroom, the crowd has dissipated. In fact, by the time you get out, and back to the parking lot where you left your car, the lot is almost empty and the attendant is long gone. It’s also very cold as that bitterly cold day has turned into a dangerously cold night.

You and your spouse rush to the car eager to start the car and to feel the heat as the car warms up. You expectantly slide the key into the ignition and turn. Nothing. Not a sound. Not a single indication that the car noticed you’ve initiated the starting process.

You try again. And, again, nothing. And again, and again and again. Each time, nothing.

The unpleasant reality begins to sink in; your car won’t start.

Once, it would have made sense to see if you left the headlights on, but most cars these days shut the headlights off on their own after you’ve left the car for a while. Still, you check the headlights anyhow knowing full well that it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the parking lot is now completely empty and the two of you are completely alone.

Hopefully, you have your cell phone. Hopefully, your cell phone is charged and has reception. If you’re remotely prepared, you have a motor club membership and can call for a truck to come out and give you a jump start. Otherwise, you’ll need to do a search on your smartphone to find a service on your own. But, be careful you don’t run down the cell-phone battery searching.

If you are prepared enough to have a motor club membership, hopefully, you’re prepared enough that, with winter coming, you also had your battery, charging and starting systems checked. Of course, if you were that prepared, you’re probably not sitting in a parking lot in downtown Chicago near the United Center; you’re in your car driving back to McHenry.

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