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Be wary of orange parts under the hood of your hybrid car

danger orange parts hybrid car
Those orange electrical parts under the hood of your hybrid car are not to
play with. But, if you're careful, you don't have to worry.

But, there's no need to worry if you're careful

You purchased your hybrid car for the fuel efficiency. You purchased to reduce the emissions that your driving added to the atmosphere. You purchased your hybrid car because you felt it was a wise and economical decision. There’s a good chance that it was but there is also a warning you need to hear and take seriously about your hybrid car.

If you lift the hood on your hybrid car, you’ll find plastic pieces colored orange. These plastic pieces are insulators covering electrical parts. All cars have electrical parts. Hybrid cars, however, have electrical connections that can seriously hurt you, if you touch them wrong. This is why these parts are covered with orange insulators.

Under those orange insulators are electrical parts that are transmitting high voltage. Electrocution is actually a serious risk if you touch these parts. The orange insulators should protect you but why tempt fate?

It’s good to know, however, that the risks aren’t as bad as some assume. For instance, if the 12-volt battery is disconnected, you should be safe. Disconnecting the 12-volt battery disables the car’s high-voltage controller.

The high-voltage associated with hybrid cars is also a concern for first responders and emergency personnel. These professionals are in the process of learning about safely handling hybrid vehicles since, in a crash situation, electrocution could also be a risk for the emergency personnel. They’re also in the process of dispelling myths related to hybrid cars and the risk of electrocution.

An article in the www.firerescue1.com Website refers to fire departments that say they call the local power company when they have to deal with a hybrid in an accident situation. The story says that “is just ridiculous.”

You won’t get electrocuted touching the car. You can even stand in a puddle and touch the car without fear of electrocution.

It’s really very simple; when dealing with a hybrid car, if you open the hood, watch out for parts covered with orange insulation. Otherwise, enjoy your hybrid car and the benefits and savings you may experience driving that car.

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