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McHenry drivers - for the good of your car, and your own comfort, have your shocks and struts checked

shocks and struts McHenry
She shouldn't apply lipstick while driving, especially on 
this McHenry roadway. And, she might want to have
her shocks and struts checked.
There are roads in and around McHenry that are downright brutal on a car’s suspension and steering. Thankfully, your car comes with shocks and struts to dampen the jolts of a bad road.

Imagine if cars were designed without shocks and struts. Every single part of the car would bear the brunt of that jarring sensation when the car hits a pothole or bump. Not just every part of the car, but every occupant of the vehicle, too.

The reality is that, with shocks and struts designed and built into your car’s suspension and steering system, you’re probably not aware of half of the bumps, potholes and other road hazards that make McHenry roads a potential automotive torture chamber.

It’s not that McHenry has roads that are any worse than other places; they aren’t. But, you don’t only drive in McHenry, do you? Wherever you’re driving, your car has to negotiate all the irregularities that appear in a road over time.

Unfortunately, even with shocks and struts, some portion of those jolts still get through to the rest of the car, and to you and other riders in the car. Shocks and struts reduce the effects of irregularities in the road; they don’t eliminate them.

Fortunately, the shocks and struts will absorb most of the damage, too. They’re designed that way. They’re designed as weak links that will wear out earlier so other parts can go on longer. But, when the shocks and struts are worn out, their ability to protect the rest of the car, and you, is diminished. In the process, the amount of comfort they provide passengers in the car also diminishes.

You may notice a difference in the ride as the shocks and struts wear out. Realistically, though, they’ll probably go beyond their usable service life before you notice that they’re going bad. The best bet is to have them checked. A good bet is to have them checked annually. Since winter is a particularly rough time on the roads and, hence, on a car’s shocks and struts, most people like to have their shocks and struts checked in the spring.

If you have your car’s shocks and struts checked, and they prove ready for replacement, your car will appreciate it, you and your car’s passengers will appreciate it, and your wallet will appreciate it. Yes, you’ll have a cost associated with replacing the shocks and struts. But, your car will avoid much of the damage caused by rough roads – McHenry roads or elsewhere.

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